When every day is historic does that really mean none of them are?

CNN clearly is trying to make this impeachment circus something substantial but c’mon, even we know better than to overuse words because eventually, they start losing their meaning. For example, this editor loves the word ‘epic,’ BUT if we use it all of the time stuff stops being epic.

Just like stuff stops being historic …

This is HISTORIC, y’all.


The only historic part of this entire sham has been how absolutely brazen Democrats have been while pretending they actually have proven any sort of crime worth impeaching Trump over. Not to mention Nancy’s whole ‘heavy heart’ BS and how they have to do this because of their oath to the Constitution.

It’s historically stupid.

Hey, that works.

Guess CNN didn’t like seeing who they really are.

Womp womp.

It’s almost funnier that they had it yanked, makes them look even worse … just sayin’.


Hey, that’s what we said!

But it’s still true.



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