BREAKING! Donald Trump had larger salt and pepper shakers in front of him than his guests. NO SERIOUSLY. There is a photo of the president with normal sized salt and pepper shakers while his guests have itty bitty ones.

The horror! IMPEACH!

These people.

This journo look familiar? There’s a reason …

Is this a parody? Because seriously, it’s got to be a parody.

If he’s not getting the big scoop on a dog NOT actually receiving the Medal of Honor he’s busting Trump for the size of his salt and pepper shakers.

Ok, that sounds a little dirty, right?



Or, something Steve did not consider, is that sometimes when a dinner table is set the average sized salt and pepper shakers go in the middle of the table and the guests each have their own smaller sets so they don’t have to ask for someone to pass the salt and/or pepper.



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