Remember when Jack flat-out told members of Congress there is no political bias on Twitter? You member.

Welp, guess what.

From The Post Millennial:

The Post Millennial has learned that a Twitter account that has been engaged in targeted harassment of TPM Editor-at-large Andy Ngo appears to belong to none other than a Twitter employee.

Max Michaels, who goes under the Twitter handle Manchild, is an Operations Infrastructure Analytics Engineer at the Twitter Command Center. According to his Linkedin, he has worked at Twitter for over 7 years.

Michaels’ abusive behavior towards Ngo began in June of 2019 after Ngo was bloodied while reporting from an Antifa riot in Portland. Beneath a tweet calling for information which might lead to the arrest of those involved, Michaels wrote: “It’s almost like there are repercussions for being a piece of sh*t.”

Currently, this account is locked so we are unable to pull any of the tweets … for now.

People lose their jobs every day for tweeting terrible things, and here we allegedly have an actual employee of Twitter harassing a user. No wonder tweeps like Tony Posnanski can tweet like unhinged rage-donkeys with no consequences …


Sadly this editor is not surprised.

But hey! They’ve built in a tool that allows you to hide comments from people on your tweets … or something.

Yeah, we know, that’s stupid.

How about a damn edit button instead?

Because orange man bad, duh.



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