Today has not been a great day for Democrats in general.

First, Nancy Pelosi made a statement that Democrats … sorry, the House, would be proceeding with articles of impeachment and quoted a bunch of people her party has been calling racists for the past three years, and then Joe Biden lost his marbles on some poor farmer in Iowa.

Oh, not to mention Nancy also flipped out on James Rosen for asking her if she hates Trump.

As we said, not a great day.

Paul Sperry wrote a series of tweets that only made it worse …

She does appear to be cracking under the stress, and we’re not talking just about her face.

Yeah, that was mean … oh well.


Not the first time Rosen has gotten under her skin.

Tyrant. Wasn’t that what she was accusing Trump of being this morning?

They do project.

Talk about writing checks their butts can’t cash.



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