Don’t worry, folks. Jerry Nadler claims the allegations against Trump meet his super important 3-part test for an impeachable offense. This has nothing to do with him bragging openly on the metro about impeaching Trump the DAY after the election or the endless and tireless investigations into the president from day one.

No no no, the ‘Little Angry Gnome Who Could’ has a 3-part test and apparently the allegations against Trump meet them.


  1. Trump beat Hillary
  2. Trump beat Hillary
  3. Trump beat Hillary


That about sums it up, right Jerry?

Gosh, 21 years ago Jerry wasn’t a big fan of impeachment.

Wonder what’s changed.

*we totally know*

THERE it is.

We knew it.

  1. Democrats
  2. Lost
  3. The Election


Wow, this is fun.

But it wasn’t for Jerry who seems to have gotten a little sleepy during the hearing …

Hey man, law professors could put anyone to sleep.

He’s an angry elf.



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