Been awhile since we wrote about AOC and not because she suddenly starting tweeting smarter things … no no. We just sort of got tired of writing about her so we started ignoring her mildly to moderately ignorant tweets knowing though that when she tweeted something exceptionally stupid we’d have to cover her again.

And here we are.

It takes a special kind of deliberately obtuse to tweet this about the Trump administration’s new work requirement for food stamps. Granted, any sort of effort to empower the people to do for themselves will be looked down upon by socialists like AOC but c’mon, this was dumb even for her.

It’s like she didn’t read it OR she assumes her vapid base didn’t.

The work requirement would only impact able-bodied, childless adults between the ages of 18-49 which means her family would not have been impacted by this requirement at all.

But you know, she’s never been one to care all that much about being factually correct as long as she’s morally correct, right?

You’d think.

They could have STARVED!!!

But that doesn’t sound as dramatic or as horrible as STARVING FAMILIES.

It’s the Democrat way.



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