If you were wondering why Democrats are REALLY trying to impeach Trump, all you need to do is read through this thread. It’s not about some phone call he made to Ukraine, or Russia, or any other nonsense they’ve been spewing with a ‘heavy heart’ over the past few months.


They know with an economy like what we have right now, they have very little chance of beating Trump. It’s hard to campaign on raising taxes when the economy is thriving …

Seriously, look at this! THRIVING.

Lowest unemployment since the 60s.

Almost sixty years.

But you know, they have to impeach him because … reasons.

Oops. Not good for Democrats.

But great for Americans.

Remember when Obama told us some of these jobs were just gone? Babbled something about a magic wand?


*this is why they are trying so hard to impeach him*

Dems will absolutely try and pretend either these numbers are insignificant (stock market doesn’t affect normal everyday people, blah blah blah) OR they’ll try and give Obama credit for this economy.

Probably both.

Hey, they blamed W. for Obama’s crap economy for eight years – it’s not like they care whether or not the nonsense they’re spewing is true or not as long as the base eats it up.

With a spoon.



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