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This is WHY Americans hate them --> Brian Stelter dragged like we've never seen him dragged before over Barron Trump tweet

Brian Stelter is outraged over the comment unhinged, hairy-legged Constitutional scholar Pamela Karlen made about Barron Trump yesterday during the hearing.



Not because what she said was stupid (and it was) … no no, ol’ Tater is outraged because Fox covered what she said. MORE THAN ONCE.

Yeah, we were pretty sure the dude was totally obsessed with Fox News in a kinda-sorta creepy way, and this just solidified that.

What … huh?

This is his big news?

They don’t call him the Hall Monitor for nothin’.

And he wonders why nobody likes him or CNN.

SORRY, we take that back. He wonders why MOST people don’t like him or CNN.

We’re trying to be fair and balanced ya’ know.

Awwww, this editor is a total fan of pansies.

Such a pretty flower.

If a Republican had said such things about Obama’s daughters they’d have been doxxed, threatened, harassed, and the Republican Party as a whole would have to disavow the person who made the comment.

Then CNN would run it every 15 minutes and bring on experts to talk about how Trump has created a dangerous and divided society …



The Avenatti jokes will never get old.

It illustrates how absolutely biased and spiteful this whole circus has been.


Keep playing it.


Oh yeah, that.

What he said.



‘Confirms FBI did spy on Trump campaign’: Former NSC official Fred Fleitz’s Russia probe FISA report thread damning for FBI

CRINGE: Nancy Pelosi quotes those evil, racist founders in statement pushing forward with articles of impeachment (watch)

OUTRAGED! Kimberley Strassel and Sharyl Attkisson DROP the MSM for giving Schiff a pass for SPYING on a member of the press

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