Can you imagine the absolute FIT the Left and media (same diff) would throw if they caught a Republican snooping through and publishing phone records of a member of the press? Brian Stelter would probably spend an hour crying about how cruel this administration is and how little respect Republicans have for the trying and difficult job they do … blah blah blah blah.

And you know WaPo would invoke their whole, ‘Democracy dies in darkness’ slogan.

It would be an INVASION of their privacy and an attack on the free press!

But since Adam Schiff for Brains was the one doing the snooping? *crickets*

In their little ‘orange man bad’ brains it probably makes perfect sense that an elected official would ‘spy’ on a member of the press because the ends justify the means or something.

There was one member of the press though, who was pissed about it:


The screeching, crying, and gnashing of teeth would be endless.

If anyone knows about being ‘spied’ on by powerful, elected officials, it’s Sharyl.

Sad but true.

They’re not journalists.

They’re activists.

But you know, there’s no bias or anything.