This is perhaps one of the most pathetic and ridiculous statements we’ve seen an elected official on the Left make … and we get it, Nancy Pelosi REALLY had to bring in the big guns to pretend the Democrats’ investigation thus far hasn’t been a giant circus for the 2020 election but hoo-boy. She was laying it on THICK.


As if any of us are surprised they’re moving forward with impeachment.

Heck, Jerry Nadler was bragging about how he’d impeach Trump the day AFTER THE FREAKIN’ election.

And just guess how this ‘statement’ is going over:

This went over well.

Not at all, and in fact yesterday’s hearing proved more than ever that this is a one-sided, partisan effort by Democrats to remove a president they don’t think they can beat fair and square in 2020.

Here we go.


OUTRAGED! Kimberley Strassel and Sharyl Attkisson DROP the MSM for giving Schiff a pass for SPYING on a member of the press