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Carpe Donktum tweets hands-down the BEST thread about how political Twitter reacts every time Trump tweets and ROFL

Carpe Donktum put together ‘An Idiot’s Guide to Response on Political Twitter’ thread and OMG … he so nailed it. It’s almost as if the guy has spent some time on Twitter watching how the Left, media, and Never Trumpers respond every time Trump tweets anything.


If you’re looking for a reason to continue bothering with Twitter at all, this is it.


A beautiful horse.

Also CNN: Why is Trump tweeting pictures of horses? Is this some sort of code for his Russian trolls?!


Annnnnnnd this editor is officially dead. Thanks, Carpe.


Poor Tater.

HA HA HA HA … omg, Biden.

Gorilla channel, who knew?

Kamala won’t just put the horse in jail, she’ll put the horses’ family in jail too. Gotta teach ’em a lesson ya’ know.


Nancy’s speech … HA HA HA HA HA

We’re going to Hell for laughing at that, right?

Carpe is an equal opportunity ‘dunker’, which makes this even funnier.



Correction, picture of Comey riding a HORSE in a field.


All roads lead back to Putin.


So damn good.


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