Lisa Page wants people to believe that she’s the victim here, that the IG report will exonerate her, that the only reason she’s speaking up now is that Trump faked an orgasm about her (which we can’t find) … and she doesn’t think for a minute her texts with Strzok were too political.

GOP Chairwoman Elizabeth Harrington disagrees, as does anyone who saw her texts.

Take a look.

It’s like Lisa didn’t even read her own texts.

She tweets like a chick, just sayin’.

This is so bad.


The path you threw out in Andy’s office – but I’m afraid we can’t take the risk.

And she wants us to believe she’s innocent.



No. No he’s not. We’ll stop it.

They’re both such turds.

There’s just no other word for them.

Umm …

This isn’t just two people who talking (texting) about how much they don’t like Trump. No, these are people PLANNING … conspiring even, to keep a man who the people elected from being president.

But you know, she’s the victim here.



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