Another day, another tweet from Tom Nichols reminding the masses he thinks he is somehow far superior and better educated than they are because he hates Trump.

Seriously, at this point you think he’d have figured out that he’s not really convincing anyone, he’s just ticking them off over and over again. Which could be his new thing; maybe he enjoys trolling.

Or, maybe he can’t see past his own ego.

This time he seems to be shaming the GOP for supporting Trump in appointing more conservative, Constitutional judges.

But orange man BAD!

What in the blue Hell is he even talking about?

He sounds more and more like a member of the Resistance.


Tom knows this.

He’s just … well, trolling.

Trump bad.

Admit it.

You just rolled your eyes.

More than once.

What has Trump done to change our constitutional system?


Thought so.

But they’re Tom’s new pals.

Anything to dunk on Trump and his supporters ya’ know.



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