Democrats love to compare Trump to Nixon in an effort to somehow paint a far more criminal picture around the current president because you know, Nixon was a Republican and stuff. They also probably hope they can somehow get Trump to resign before they have to actually do anything because they know in the grand scheme of impeachment they are missing one very BIG thing.

A massive thing.

An actual crime.

Yeah, this is sort of important, Democrats.

We’re seeing an impeachment in search of a crime … pathetic.

From the Washington Examiner:

As they rush to impeach President Trump, Democrats have failed to recruit a single House Republican or to link the president’s offense clearly to an actual crime.

Those aren’t their only troubles. They’ve had to send the case against Trump back to Jerry Nadler, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee whom House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t trust to handle the initial impeachment hearings. She turned the duty over to Adam Schiff, the chairman of the Intelligence Committee. But now Nadler is back in charge, whether Pelosi likes it or not. The Constitution requires the Judiciary Committee to recommend articles of impeachment for the full House to vote on.

Another problem for Democrats is convincing the public to favor the impeachment of Trump and his removal from office. Schiff failed to deliver on that, even after handpicking the witnesses at his hearings. If Nadler now finds a way to boost support for driving Trump out of the White House, that would be a surprise. Democrats especially need help with independent voters, with whom the idea of impeaching Trump appears to have lost favor.

There’s a reason Nancy Pelosi pushed back on impeachment in the beginning. She should have stood her ground.

And boy howdy, Adam Schiff should totally get an A for effort in this regard.

Ain’t that the truth?

They’ll spin and spin and then spin some more and their base will eat it up. All you have to do is go look through the responses to Brit on this tweet …


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