Seems Lisa Page has not done herself any favors by suddenly breaking her silence to claim she is somehow a victim in all of this mess. Just when we think the Russia collusion nonsense can’t get any dumber something like this pops up and we’re left with a reminder that things can ALWAYS get dumber.

Especially when it’s the government.

Not only does Lisa claim she’s the victim, but that the conveniently timed IG report will somehow exonerate her. There’s just one little problem with both of her claims …

‘Page and Strzok caused damage that goes to the heart of the FBI’s reputation for neutral fact-finding and political independence.’

Huh, that doesn’t sound ‘innocent’ to us but hey, we’re not experts or anything. And gosh, those texts about an insurance policy and Trump seem sort of disconcerting… yeah?

But Trump was mean! He faked an orgasm over her or something … although to be honest we’re not seeing that, at all. We did see the write-up claiming this happened but again, eh.

They never thought Hillary would lose.

It really does seem like a serious effort is being made to portray her as the poor victim of mean ol’ Trump when in reality Trump was the victim here … as their texts illustrate.

This is going to get interesting, folks. Pop your popcorn now.



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