Imagine being a multi-millionaire and complaining about the very economic/political system that made you super rich in the first place. The Left babbles a lot about the whole idea of privilege and USUALLY we just point and laugh at them, but this from Mark Ruffalo, a guy worth 30 million dollars, may well be the very definition of it.

Ironic, doncha think?

Lucky for Mark, Carol Roth was more than happy to come forward and educate the ‘Hulk’ about why capitalism is actually super rad.

The very government HE wants to give more power …

This reminds us of when these same people scream about how evil Trump is but for some reason want to make sure he has control of all the guns.

We’re not dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed.

Carol continued:

Gonna guess Mark does not understand.

What she said.

Perhaps Carol should have broken out the puppets and crayons.

Or after he gets paid he redistributes his money to everyone else … right?

Poor guy.

Hulk sad.


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