Lisa Page BRAVELY broke her silence by talking to a leftist writer for a leftist rag to claim she was totes innocent and actually a victim in all of this Russia collusion hoax nonsense.

Yup, we made the same face.

Did she REALLY think anyone would buy this crap? She claims she had to come out and say something because Trump supposedly faked an orgasm to mock her …

Of course it has NOTHING to do with trying to get out in front of the whole IG report dropping and making her and her cohorts look like the underhanded liars they really are.

Mollie Hemingway isn’t exactly buying into her ‘woe is me’ act either:


So she was interviewed by a Never Trumper and her claim links to a rant penned by another Never Trumper. Interesting. Also, if you get bored you should go take a gander at who Lisa is following on Twitter … (cough cough Bill Kristol and co. cough cough)

Sorry for interrupting … keep going.

She needs some sort of motivation other than the report and they all know the anti-Trump movement won’t even question her or go look for the proof.

They want to believe the fake orgasm is the reason because it feeds their narrative that Lisa is a victim AND a hero.

Stop rolling your eyes so much, it’s not good for them.


We shall see.


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