Full transparency, this editor can’t begin to explain everything that Svetlana Lokhova details here in this crazy long thread BUT it’s definitely worth the time it takes to read through.

Especially if you’ve been following the Flynn case.

Ruh-roh. This can’t be good for the ol’ Deep State.

She has more than evidence, it looks like she has ‘receipts.’

The name ‘Spygate’ will never get old.

This reads like a James Bond novel, right? And to think, it’s real life.


We’re seeing a lot about entrapment here.

You guys?

And here come the leaks. Yup.

Leakers are gonna leak.

Yeah, sorry, that’s a HORRIBLE visual.

But true.

Awww yes, the magical FISA.

Why oh why would they be working so hard to smear Flynn … hrm.

Something stinks in Denmark.


Nice to know your tax dollars are being used for this sort of stuff, eh?

Did we say wow already because wow.

FBI has some ‘splainin’ to do.


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