Trump spent his Thanksgiving in Afghanistan serving Thanksgiving dinner to the troops. It was a ‘secret’ trip, where only a few select members of the media were made aware; Trump even had someone ‘tweeting’ for him. That he and his team worked so hard to keep this quiet tells you it was legit, not a PR stunt, not a campaign stop … this was Trump doing something he wanted to do for our troops.

But of course, that didn’t stop the media from reporting on it in a negative light. From the Newsweek garbage where Jessica Kwong claimed the president was just ‘golfing and tweeting’ all day to this tweet from Jake Tapper, the last thing these brave, friendly firefighters wanted to do was paint the president in a positive light.

Notice something missing from Jake’s tweet?


Could he have found a way to make a positive and meaningful thing more negative and meaningless? FFS, and he wonders why people hate them. It’s almost as if he was trying to antagonize with this tweet.

If so, it worked. He pissed a lot of people off.

Yes, he seriously was complaining that a sitting president didn’t visit a war zone more often PLUS he deliberately left out the whole FEEDING THEM DINNER part of the trip.

Hack is accurate.

Petty little man works.


Because it’s all he and his media cohorts know how to do these days.

That number of examples seems low.

It was indeed a most impressive spin.

God forbid!

Actually yes, yes it does. If you read any stories about how much Zucker hates Trump this isn’t a stretch …

A change from the last administration, that’s for sure.

He can’t bring himself to say something positive. He just can’t.

Because … wait for it … wait again … ORANGE MAN BAD.


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