Most Americans spent Thanksgiving visiting with family, eating way too much, watching football, and being thankful for the many things in their lives. You know, normal Thanksgiving ‘stuff.’

But not the media.


They were far too busy taking dunks on the president and writing garbage stories about how he spent his day … and getting it totally wrong because that’s what happens when you do nothing but write with your ‘orange man bad’ bias like Jessica Kwong from Newsweak.

Sorry, Newsweek.

Jessica wrote an entire story about Trump spending his Thanksgiving doing nothing but golfing and tweeting when in reality the president flew to Afghanistan to surprise the troops and feed them dinner. The ratio on her original tweet and story (which she deleted) was pretty impressive but her correction – even more so.

No apology and in fact she just called it a ‘honest mistake,’ which is absolute BS. This was not an honest mistake, this was yet another example of the media pushing narrative over the real story. Actually, what this really was was a learning opportunity for Kwong but considering how lame her correction was we’re pretty sure she won’t be learning a whole lot from the situation even though you’d think reading through these responses would be brutal.

Assuming she read them.

Check this out.

Ooh, ooh, we know! *cough cough HACK cough cough*

Welcome to the world of journalism, 2019.

It’s been a long, long time since they had any credibility.

What, maybe the 80s?

They would only hate it if they actually cared about looking like asses.

Yeah, this was pretty bad.


Media in general rarely goes in Trump’s favor, but we digress.

Knee-jerk contempt is perfect here.

That. ^

They really do hate it. LOL

Journalists have become activists.

But c’mon, it was an honest mistake and stuff.

Like so many others …

But what fun is THAT?


And then issued a lame and embarrassing correction.

The Left is already calling Trumps trip a PR stunt … and then the story today will be how Republicans POUNCED on this poor journo and other firefighters in the media.

And repeat.