Ron Perlman apparently took some time to learn a little something while he was ‘shooting an indie’ in Canada.

Don’t laugh … ok, laugh, it’s hilarious.

He claims Canadians not only own more guns per capita than anyone in the U.S. but also that their ‘human death rate’ is zero because they don’t have any automatic guns.

Human death rate is ZERO. Think about that little nugget of wisdom for a minute.

Anyone else reminded of the joke about losers having a girlfriend in Canada?

Check this out.

Ummm … what?

There is a whole lotta stupid in this one tweet. In fact, we’re not even really sure where to begin unpacking this mess so we’ll just move on to his next tweet.

Which isn’t much better.


Why do these weirdos ALWAYS go here?! Don’t they realize this shows more of a projection on their own part?

Silly muthaf*cka.

Almost like?


The dinosaurs were the same way … so science?


We can’t believe he really tweeted this mess, surely the dude is punking us all because nobody is this dense. Then again, there is Tom Arnold and Alyssa Milano …

He’d have to know they were lies and this editor isn’t so sure he knew better.

Snowflake #1 is clearly the role of a lifetime.

We read a lot of stupid on Twitter, it’s sort of what we do (no wonder we’re all sort of losing our minds), but THIS was impressively dumb.

Congrats, Ron.



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