In previous tweets and stories, Sharyl Attkisson has noticed some very telling things about the ‘diplomats’ who testified against Trump, and now she’s seeing a similarity between them and Naval Secretary, Richard Spencer. It’s not so much about Trump and what he has or has not done but how they react to Trump doing anything … Sharyl said it way better and much smarter than we can:

In other words, it’s not Trump, it’s the bureaucrats who work for him.

Perhaps they’d gotten used to a president who was not interested in being involved in such things (ahem Obama) and don’t know how to deal with a president who does. What we’ve noticed during the hearings is they cared more about justifying their own importance and worth than they did testifying about anything Trump may have done or said. Considering most of their testimony was second-hand, assumptions and opinions, guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised …

They just can’t deal with being told what to do which seems a bad character trait for someone who supposedly serves the people.

But we digress.

Probably because Obama was more than happy to let them ‘guide him’.

They clearly think that their position in government somehow makes them more important than they really are.

God help any Democrat who actually gets elected in the future.

Butthurt Bureaucrats sounds like a ska band from the 90s.

This is very true, especially of people who work in the government.


We love how Sharyl always addresses those who try and call her out … and she does it a way that doesn’t seem at all combative and yet shuts them down.

Scary seeing how many people ‘run’ this country who we can’t ‘vote out’ if we don’t like what they do. Trump has indeed exposed this aspect of our government in many ways.

And it’s terrifying.


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