You’d think the media would have figured out Trump is going to ‘troll’ them with memes, gifs, pics, videos, etc, years ago. Before the man even became president he was known for being a bit disruptive in social media (Hell, it’s a big part of the reason he won in 2016) so the fact they keep getting fooled by his tweets just proves they don’t pay attention.

That or their TDS is just so bad they can’t help themselves.

Like with this Rocky/Trump picture Trump tweeted out:




And clearly not real BUT the brave firefighters did what they always do and tried to fact-check and dunk on Trump for posting this. No, we’re not joking. It’s pathetic, right? ANYONE with half a brain can see Trump is not being serious here and just sharing something he liked, probably from a supporter.

To be honest, he probably also knew the Left and the media (same difference) would lose their minds over it as well but still.

The Babylon Bee did their part in mocking the media’s inability to take a damn joke:

From The Babylon Bee:

Trump recently shared a meme that showed him riding the “Hero Dog” into a space battle against several deadly threats from among the stars.

“AMERICAN HERO!” Trump tweeted when he posted the image, along with a winky face. The picture shows Trump fending off myriad threats, from Dune‘s gigantic sandworm and the Beast from beloved 1983 classic Krull to a Cylon Basestar and a Xenomorph.

Trump thought the image would be taken in a light-hearted manner, but he couldn’t have been more wrong.

They continued:

“This president is trying to mislead the people with this meme,” said a CNN spokesperson. “We are only OK with politicians who mislead people with regards to the effects of their healthcare policies or their Native American heritage, not presidents who tell jokes and have fun.”


Same as the Rocky pic, right? Totally.

Well, when you’re in excellent shape and a boxer like the president you can breathe in space. It’s science.

We knew it!



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