Must be nice to ‘run’ an investigation in such a way where you can try and remove a sitting president while protecting your own backside. Adam Schiff has definitely been very ‘careful’ about what he does and does not release to the public, and while we all know there has to be some very specific reason why … it’s hard to say for sure.

Until now.

Paul Sperry sent this tweet about Schiff withholding the transcript of ICIG Michael Atkinson from October 4 behind closed doors which lasted for eight hours.


Gosh, that seems like a rather large chunk of testimony the American people should be made aware of, don’cha think? Especially if this is being done for the good of the country and stuff.

Rep. John Ratcliffe was good enough to tell Sperry EXACTLY why Schiffty isn’t releasing his testimony …

Huh, now why oh why would Schiff want to hide answers around his staff’s contact with the whistleblower? If he has nothing to hide you’d think he’d be front and center with that testimony.

Of course, we all know he has something to hide or he wouldn’t have done so much of this behind closed doors.

But he’ll have to go before the ethics committee!!!


And hiding it only makes it look worse.

Say mean stuff.

Sic the Ethics Committee on him.

Make him watch his eyes bug out.

Left out ‘power hungry,’ he’s very power hungry.

But to be fair, most of our elected officials are.

If and when he does … break out the popcorn.



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