Gosh, golly and gee, this little tidbit from Catherine Herridge about the whistleblower seems kinda sorta important, yeah? Especially since they are moving into a new ‘phase’ of the impeachment circus.

The wording was confusing? Huh?

Alrighty then.

From CBS:

CBS News has reviewed documents that show the anonymous whistleblower reached out to the intelligence community watchdog on October 8 to clarify the nature of his or her contact with Democratic majority staff of the House Intelligence Committee before the complaint was filed.

The whistleblower acknowledged reaching out to the committee, but claimed that nothing substantial was discussed and that the staff member directed them to go through official channels, according to the “Memorandum of Investigative Activity,” provided to House and Senate Intelligence Committee leadership by intelligence community inspector general (ICIG) Michael Atkinson. The form is dated October 18 and documents the October 8 outreach by the whistleblower.

Republicans have seized on the contact with Democratic committee staff to question the credibility of the whistleblower, while Democrats have downplayed the significance.

Of course Democrats are downplaying this, they need the leaker … sorry, the whistleblower … to be credible.

It’s all so silly, right?

Totally. You can always trust a leaker.



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