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GRRL STOP! Kamala Harris goes back to her prosecutor roots in desperate campaign tweet and it does NOT go well, like at all

Wait … Kamala Harris is still in the presidential race? Gosh, we thought she’d dropped out.


Ok, maybe we were just hoping she would finally get a clue and call it good because to be honest this is just getting painful. One of the main complaints about Harris from the Left has been the fact that she is nothing more than a glorified cop, so why she thought pushing her career as a prosecutor would somehow work we’ll never know.


And predator, really? Hrm.

Guess how this went over.


Because you know, Democrats aren’t ready for a black woman to be president. Kamala even said so.


When you tell the truth you don’t have to ‘remember’ it.

What she said.


Even Democrats are calling her out.






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