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Oh BULLSCHIFF! Adam Schiff gets fact-SLAMMED for claiming public support for impeachment has 'increased dramatically'




Watching Adam Schiff flat out LIE HIS A*S off about public support for impeachment when even Jake Tapper shows him support is dropping … ARGLE BARGLE RAR!


It’s not plateaued! It’s going DOWN.

And sorry but yes, you need to listen to what the American people want, you WORK for them.

Sorry for all the capitals but man, Schiff is SUCH A DAMN LIAR, seriously, he makes this editor particularly insane. Oh and SPARE us all with the babbling about not caring if this helps with an election because we all know that’s the ONLY reason they pushed this crap in the first place.

*runs screaming from the room, tips a table over on the way out*

Americans see impeachment for what it is, political theater.

A circus.

A sham.

A waste of taxpayers’ money.

A waste of time.

A desperate ploy from a desperate party.

A raging sh*tshow.

A dumpster fire of stupid.

A hot mess of derp.

We could do this all day, folks, lol.


Time to face facts, Democrats. Americans are tired of the endless investigations and ridiculous drama. Truly, if they want to remove Trump they should just try and do so next year during the election.

That’s the thing, though, they know they can’t – Pelosi admitted as much when she said they couldn’t trust the American people to remove him if they so choose.

And they wonder why their support is shrinking.



PATHETIC: Byron York uses SHAMEFUL WaPo headline to show how QUICKLY the Left and media started trying to impeach Trump

Americans KNOW it’s political: Mollie Hemingway’s thread spells bad news for Schiff and pro-impeachment folks

‘A load of totalitarian CRAP’: Rob Schneider’s tweet about free speech makes Sacha Baron Cohen look like a triggered tool

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