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'Disturbing': Sharyl Attkisson notices 1 VERY TELLING thing all diplomatic witnesses have in common and it ain't good for Schiff

Sharyl Attkisson noticed something all of the diplomatic witnesses have in common so far … and it’s not a good thing for Adam Schiff. Especially if he’s trying to push the idea that these bureaucrats started their little gossip circle and only came forward to ‘leak’ for the good of THIS country.



Hell, Ukraine asked Vindman to be their Minister of Defense.

Not once, not twice … THREE TIMES.

Considered disturbing?

Very much so.

This entire impeachment charade is a joke and the Democrats are the punchline.

Implied? Nah, she said it.

And she’s right.

You’d think.


They are very concerned with making sure everyone knows how important they are which is weird considering they’re supposed to work for us.

We pay them.


There ya’ go!

Democrats have once again set a terrible precedent that will definitely come back to bite them in the backside.


Do you HEAR yourself?! Byron York calls out an extremely hypocritical Nancy Pelosi for claiming impeachment is not partisan

‘Talk about DESPERATE’: Jim Jordan uses David Holmes’ opening statement to BLAST Democrats and it’s brutally perfect

‘Classic boy who cried wolf’: Megyn Kelly retweets EPIC clip showing why NOBODY believes media on impeachment

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