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Well well well, what do we have here? William Taylor met with Schiff's staffer in Ukraine 4 days prior to leak

Everything we’re reading about this leaker (yeah, that’s a bad visual on its own) just stinks to high heaven. It could be that we read so many tweets from so many different people on the topic that it seems extra stinky to us.


Then again, reading this tweet from Ivan Pentchoukov about William Taylor meeting with Schiff’s staffer in Ukraine four days before the leak seems … well, pretty damn stinky.

Amazingly indeed.

Something strange is afoot at the Circle K.

And a source.


Right?! So much of this has just been one crazy coincidence after another.

No wonder Schiff For Brains has worked so hard to keep the interviews secret, he only wants certain bits and pieces getting out.



But wait, there’s more …

Told you … lots of coincidences here.

Stay tuned.


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