You guys remember Jon Ossoff, right? He was the Democrat that Alyssa Milano and many others in Hollywood and on the Left in general thought would SAVE GEORGIA …

And he lost miserably.

Well, it sounds like he is now complaining about GOP attack ads that claim he was shamed into marriage.

There’s just one problem with these so-called attack ads – they’re from a parody site.

Oh dear. LOL


Ossoff said Thursday the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s focus on his marriage to Alisha Kramer was a clear sign that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S. Sen. David Perdue were frightened by his campaign.

“Mitch McConnell’s attacks on my wife are outrageous and pathetic,” he said. “McConnell is wasting no time plunging this race into the gutter.”

The attacks were tucked into a parody website of Ossoff’s campaign after Republicans snapped up the domain name.

They bought his name for a site? ROFL!

It’s a PARODY.

So basically Ossoff is claiming a parody site has been attacking him.

This can’t be real life.


That’s true.


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