You’d think an elected official like Adam Schiff brazenly and deliberately keeping not only his fellow elected officials but the American people in the dark about his investigation would be something the media would be all over.

What is he hiding?

What are the Democrats really up to?

Why the secrecy?

But NAH …

Rep. Dan Crenshaw spoke about Schiff’s actions here:

But orange man bad, dude.

Brit Hume took this a step further and dropped a big ol’ truth bomb the media, especially the Washington Post.


We’ve never really bought into the idea that WaPo is all that concerned about actual Democracy.

That. ^

Psh, they’re far too busy trying to impeach a sitting president because they can’t accept Hill-dawg lost in 2016.


True story.

It certainly feels like the Democrats think it’s THEIR house.

And WaPo and the rest of the mainstream media seem AOK with that.

Sad ain’t it?