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Hulk HATE: Kimberley Strassel uses Mark Ruffalo calling for Bush 'to be brought to justice' as brutal reminder of who Lefties really ARE

As Twitchy reported, Mark Ruffalo was his usual, horrible self and refused to get on board with Ellen DeGeneras’ speech about being good to one another even if you disagree politically. Her speech came after the Left lost their ever-loving shiznit over footage of her sitting next to George W. Bush at a Cowboys game.


Her speech was awesome.

Ruffalo’s reaction? Not so much.

Brought to justice?



Does he want Obama brought to justice for all of the dronings? For dropping bomb after bomb? Doesn’t that make him a war criminal as well? Asking for a friend.

Kimberley Strassel made an example of Ruffalo.

Scary, ain’t it? These are the same yahoos who openly talk about jailing ‘climate change deniers’.


Man, we hope not.


‘STOP playing games’: GOP Senator Joni Ernst absolutely DROPS Nancy Pelosi for cowardly subtweeting her

‘Unprecedented and un-American!’ Rep. Doug Collins lights Dems up for impeachment investigation behind closed doors (watch)

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