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NOT a good look, Dip-Schiff: Check out how BAD Adam Schiff's actions look when put side-by-side with Trump on Ukraine (ha!)

The media and the Left (yeah, yeah, we know, same difference) have been working overtime to make it seem like Trump is the one hiding things when it comes to Ukraine and impeachment and whatever the Hell else they’re screeching about that day.


But when you lay it all out, side-by-side, what Adam Schiff has been doing versus what Trump has done you see a very different picture.

Benny Johnson was good enough to compile a list plus share pretty epic footage of Jim Jordan.


Who is the one trying to hide something?

Ooh, ooh, we know!

You know what? We could go the rest of our lives NOT thinking about any politicians ‘leaking’. We get what it means but the visual is so bad.


*all over gross-out body shiver*


They certainly do seem sorta desperate at this point.

Well, to be fair they’ve always seemed desperate but now it’s like they’re trying to beat the clock, if that makes sense.

That’s what it’s really starting to look like. As if they’ve decided they can’t actually beat him so they’re going to try and remove him.

And Schiffty Schiff is leading the way.


Does he realize what he JUST SAID?! James Clapper claims intel agencies just ‘did what Obama told them to’ with Trump (watch)

Let the backpedaling BEGIN! John Brennan admits he ‘may have been fooled’ by bad info on Trump’s Russia connections

Brit Hume only needs 2 WORDS to sum up Elizabeth Warren getting caught LYING (again) about alleged pregnancy firing

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