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'Legislature's most IMPORTANT job': Charles C.W. Cooke puts Turkey into perspective as only he can in 3 simple tweets

As Twitter erupts over Turkey and Trump tweets (say that five times fast), this editor looked to Charles C.W. Cooke for a little levity and perspective that makes sense.


And we weren’t disappointed.

Charles summed it up in three basic, simple tweets:

Wait!? We have three branches of government for a reason? GET OUT OF HERE. Wow, we feel shocked.

Charles continued.

Hard lines that must be followed whether the president is a Democrat or a Republican.

Even more shocking …

Sadly, what we’re seeing (and going to continue seeing) is just more of the same.


And DC wonders why they’re driving us all insane.

Ugh, that’s so damn depressing.

Which is why luckily we’re a Republic.


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