Now, why oh why would Democrats want to keep interviews being held during impeachment hearings secret? Surely they want to be transparent and open with the American people, right? Especially if they’re doing all of this to protect us and the Constitution, as they’ve claimed.

Oh, ouch, we can’t stop laughing.

Our sides.

What are Dems hiding?

From the Washington Examiner:

Last week’s sessions weren’t just secret. They were super-secret. The first hearing, in which the witness was former Ukraine special envoy Kurt Volker, was held in what is known as a SCIF, which stands for sensitive compartmented information facility. It is a room in the Capitol built to be impervious to electronic surveillance so that lawmakers can discuss the nation’s most important secrets without fear of discovery.

The second hearing, in which Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson testified, was also held in the SCIF.

Were highly classified matters discussed at the Volker and Atkinson hearings? Apparently not. Neither interview was classified. And even if some classified information were involved, it would be astonishing for Democrats to believe they could attempt to remove the president on the basis of information that is not available to the public.

Super secret.


Doesn’t a Democracy die in darkness or something like that?

It’s all a show for their base.


And what they’re really looking for is something to campaign on, not justice.

Truth hurts.


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