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BOO and YAH: Sharyl Attkisson takes whistleblower(s) credibility down ANOTHER notch with 1 glaring detail and it's PERFECT

Sharyl Attkisson pointed out something glaringly obvious about the whistleblower(s) that no one in the traditional media has seemed to notice or bother reporting on …


Right? If you knew as a whistleblower you had done nothing wrong by coming forward with your ‘urgent info’, why would you get a lawyer? Because you’re really just a sneaky leaker? And sorry, but ‘improper leaker’ just sounds gnarly.

Hey, we can dream, right?

Sometimes it really does feel like the Trump administration has set all of these yahoos up … it could also be this editor has been drinking too much coffee these days.


And boy howdy are we seeing a lot of rats.

Political set-up anyone?


Nah, it’s not quite that stupid. Yet.

Awww, there’s always one …

And Sharyl always handles them just right.


How long ya’ got?

We shall see.


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