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'Shaping the battlefield': Thread highlighting collusion that has been underway by the 'likes of Schiff and the deep state' is damning

If you’re feeling a bit confused about what’s really happening with the Ukraine accusations against Trump and what has been perhaps going on behind the scenes this thread is for you. And when you look at the situation in this way it really is shocking …


We know, with everything we’ve seen with the Russian collusion hoax NOTHING should shock us anymore but man, this is nuts.

Misinformation campaigns.

Democrats are GREAT at misinformation campaigns, especially with a media so willing to push said misinformation.


The timing on the official form update is suspicious, don’t ya’ think?

Based on gossip, yes.


We told you.


Very odd.




Gosh, why would they intentionally mislead Congress and the public?


Crazy stuff.

And to think, this is real life.


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‘She’s just AWFUL’: MSNBC’s Katy Tur calls POLITICO report proving Ukraine meddled in 2016 election ‘Russian propaganda’ (watch)

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