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'A message for BETA': Sara Gonzales puts Beto O'Rourke in his PLACE as a REAL Texan who isn't about to give up her AR-15 (watch)

Last week, Beto O’Rourke bragged that Texans would happily give their AR-15s to the government.

Not just give them up but they’d ‘happily’ do so.



It’s like Robert Francis O’Rourke has no idea who Texans really are …

The Blaze’s Sara Gonzales just decimated Beto and his claim in a kicka*s video that will make you fist-pump.





And she called him Beta.


Or he ate a bunch of paint chips as a kid.

Maybe that furry costume he liked to wear had some sort of chemical in it.

Head injury from playing air guitar?

The only thing that would make this headline more perfect is adding his real name, Robert Francis.

Nailed it.


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Take THAT evil govt. man! Footage of ‘climate change activists’ from #ShutDownDC will SURELY win over hearts and minds (watch)

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