If you spend anytime on social media today, especially on Twitter, you’ll no doubt come across the #ShutDownDC tag highlighting a group of goombahs who think shutting down traffic (you know, with a bunch of running cars) is somehow a good idea when you’re fighting climate change.

No one ever accused these folks of being the sharpest tools in the shed.

Julio Rosas has been good enough to create a thread of the crazy, the funny, and some of the best signs that he’s seen at today’s so-called protest. So far.


Still not having an issue with these people claiming they won’t have kids.

Looks sorta … tiny.

Confetti … litter.

And dancing.

That’ll show those carbon emissions!

As they block cars making said cars burn more fossil fuel.


They handcuffed themselves to a boat.

Well, that’ll totally save the planet.


The footage is pretty whack but the signs make the thread …

What a toughie.

Eat the rich.

Every billionaire is bad.

But sure, these people are totally sane and stuff.


Is it just us or do these yahoos seriously need to get a job?


Not all heroes wear capes, man.


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