Tom Nichols picked a fight with RedSteeze.

We don’t know why.

Maybe he was bored? Lonely? Looking for attention?

Wait … he just wanted us to Twitchy him again … THAT’S it.


It all started with Steeze’s tweet slamming Brian ‘Tater’ Stelter:


Enter Tom:

Le sigh.

Get some popcorn, this goes on quite a while.

Fair point.

Or, and hear us out, maybe it’s not so much a go-to as the reality that people on the Right really don’t like it when writers they’ve looked up to for decades suddenly crap all over them and their ideals because they don’t like the president.

You’ve gotta wonder if Tom reads what he writes.

What he said.

Ok, now it’s just turning into a ‘mean girl fight.’

Who can be meaner?

Our money is on Steeze.

Then Tom snapped his fingers … yeah, girl.

Just kidding.

He’s repeating himself.

You’re all Donald Trump. Told ya’ Steeze could be meaner.


This is just getting ridiculous at this point.

We’re pretty sure Steeze ISN’T rooting for Tom here.

Just sayin’.

And now we see the victim.


Except …

Girls, GIRLS, you’re both pretty.


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