Conservative Amy Curtis was good enough to put together a thread all but dismantling the Left’s favorite talking points about the Right.

Basically that we’re all racist, homophobic, sexist, and bigots.

Sorry, Islamophobic as well … and probably some transphobic thing but you get the picture.

The Left spends a good bit of time pushing the narrative that the Right is filled with bad people instead of combatting ideas, which tells us they really don’t have a whole lot of original ideas of their own in the first place.

Pretty sad, right?

Curtis’ thread rules.

SO good.

But … orange man bad?


Seems the NYT has a really bad habit of hiring and protecting racists.

Don’t forget Virginia’s AG also admitted to wearing blackface.

Hey, thanks Amy!

In their little minds being gay is somehow a bad thing.

Didn’t she actually move?




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