‘Climate change activists’ are going to try and #ShutDownDC today in order to disrupt the system that perpetuates the climate crisis.

In other words, out-of-work losers are dressing up in costumes, making stupid signs, dancing, and blocking intersections because THAT’LL show the man! THAT’LL stop the ice caps from melting!

Awwww, so they’re going over to China and India where the real climate problems exist, right?

From USA Today:

Activists calling for action on climate change were disrupting morning commutes across Washington, D.C., Monday morning, just days after hundreds of thousands demonstrated alongside school children for Global Climate Strike rallies.

Shut Down D.C. aimed to “disrupt the systems that created and perpetuate the climate crisis” and block key intersections across the city to disrupt traffic.

Before 8 a.m., major intersections like K and 16th Streets NW and New York Avenue at Florida Avenue NE and at North Capitol Street had been blocked by the protests.

*eye roll*

Imagine all of the emissions …

They’d be better off admitting they just wanted an excuse to dress up in silly costumes and act like morons for attention.

Look at this nonsense.

Right? The girl in the bumblebee costume is pretty moving and WHOA NELLY, that guy dancing like a cheap stripper in the middle of the crosswalk is minimizing all of our carbon footprints or whatever all on his own. POWER TO THE PEOPLE BABY.


But they’re doing something!

Take that capitalism!



That pink boat … really?


They so badly want to have a movement … it would be sad if it wasn’t so damn hilarious.


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