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'Is it about his utter HATE for the U.S.?' Human Rights activist gives Ben Rhodes a lesson on #Iran he won't SOON forget

Ben Rhodes just won’t let it go with Iran. We suppose he could be desperate to protect Obama’s legacy but when the truth is so obviously RIGHT in front of his nose? Heshmat Alavi, Human Rights and Political Activist, took it upon himself to ‘educate’ Rhodes on what is really happening with Iran … let’s just hope he reads it.


Get comfy, this thread is sorta long.

But totally worth a read.



Not a good thing. Nope.




Ok, we’ll be quiet.

Keep reading.




Inquiring minds wanna know.


BOOM –> Thread detailing steps Sen. Judiciary Committee took while investigating Ramirez’s claims about Kavanaugh SHREDS NYT

‘I’m actually kind of enjoying how BAD this is’: Mollie Hemingway VICIOUSLY fact-checks new anti-Kavanaugh book in thread

‘Nonsensical hearsay’: Matt Whitlock’s refresher thread on why Ramirez/ Kavanaugh story COMPLETELY fell apart a must-read

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