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OOF! Gun-control activist makes one HELL of an argument AGAINST red flag laws with unhinged attack on Adam Baldwin

A helpful hint to the gun-control crowd: If you really and truly want red flag laws and other policies to get passed try NOT to make cases on social media proving why those policies are a bad idea and should NOT be passed.


Especially when attempting to ‘dunk’ on Adam Baldwin:

Just sayin’.

Yikes, right?

We feel for Mr. Guttenberg, we do, but he’s not doing his movement any favors with tweets like this one.

Bad. So bad.

And they wonder why so many people oppose red flag laws.


Mr. Pollack sees the real issues beyond the gun and is doing what he can to actually help with gun violence in schools. This is true.


Scary stuff, Sharyl.

She’s a witch! She turned me into a newt! … I got better …

Psh, join the club.

And that’s what it’s been about all along.


Hence gun-CONTROL.


Now, THAT’S a boom! Local reporter BUSTS WaPo on BOGUS story claiming NC GOP called ‘surprise vote’ during 9/11 memorial

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