The next time you hear the media complaining about how they don’t get enough respect for being the brave little firefighters they think they are, just send them a reminder of the garbage job the Washington Post did in covering this story out of North Carolina.

It all started when NC Governor Roy Cooper (a Democrat, go figure) claimed Democrats were attending a 9/11 memorial event during a ‘surprise vote’ pushed by the GOP. And hey, what a story, right?! EVIL bad Republicans knowingly holding a vote while the kind-hearted Dems were out remembering those lost in the largest terror attack to ever take place on American soil.

There was just one problem with this story … it’s BS.

Local reporters are truly the last great hope for journalism.

WaPo issued a correction … sorry, a clarification hours later.

Yup. Spreads like wildfire. And Cooper and WaPo knew it would, even if it wasn’t true. Again, mainstream media does not really care about getting the story right, it’s about the narrative, the clicks, and the taps.

Wait, Now This, a propaganda outlet that’s known for editing footage and taking quotes out of context is pushing a fake story to hurt the GOP.

Gosh, that’s so unlike them.

But wait, it gets worse.

What an a-hole, right?

That too.



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