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WHOA: Text Peter Strzok sent Lisa Page just 1 DAY after NBC reported Russian close to Putin was source for US intel looks BAD

Sounds like CNN’s Trump/Russia ‘exclusive’ may well have been news … just not the news they hoped it would be. CNN was trying to push the narrative that US Intel extracted a Russian mole in 2017 because they didn’t trust Trump BUT the CIA’s director of public affairs all but called their story ‘fake news’.


Not that they cared what she said.

Then Chuck Ross tweeted something interesting:

Now, whatever did Peter mean by this? ‘Our sisters have begun leaking like mad.’

Leaking what? And to whom?

Note: If you’re up to sneaky stuff at this level never, EVER text your girlfriend this sort of crap. Seriously.

Ross continued:

Starting to think they had WAY more to worry about internally.

Just sayin’.


Other outlets? One specific outlet with several contacts?

Or other agencies?

*adjusts tinfoil*

Because of course, they did.


‘People are DYING!’ Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s WaPo op-ed claiming Ted Cruz uses Chicago as a ‘punching bag’ backfires

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OOPSIES: CIA Director of Public Affairs dumps an ice-cold glass of ‘fake news’ on CNN’s latest ‘Russia/Trump exclusive’

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