Everyone can rest well knowing the Warwickshire Police Dept. has confiscated these DEADLY WEAPONS.

Welp … maybe not deadly but they sorta look like guns and they were ‘seized’ and stuff so, go team?

Hoo boy.

Blanks and BB guns.


From the Warwickshire Police:

A 32-year-old man from Exhall was arrested on suspicion of possession of firearms and later released under investigation while inquiries continue.

Sergeant Jack Pritchard from Bedworth Police Station said: “I have no doubt that removing these items from the circulation has made our streets safer.

“These weapons could easily have been converted to fire live ammunition. Even in their current form it would be impossible to distinguish them from live firearms and would no doubt have caused anyone to fear for their safety.”

You know that face you make when something is just so damn dumb you’re not sure if you can stand it? Yup, just made that face.

This can’t be a real police department, right?

Guns are not toys!

Wait, well, that one is.



There are probably some deadly sporks just laying around … sheesh.

See what we mean?

And hey, thanks for the laugh.


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