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Cry us a RIVER, bro: Brian Stelter does himself and other 'journos' NO favors playing the media victim card again (watch)

Imagine if our favorite Hall Monitor Brian Stelter spent as much time covering actual news as he does pushing the ‘woe is me’ narrative for the media. Nobody seems quite as dedicated to whining about the environment the media itself helped create as Tater.



Social media hygiene?

That sounds … yucky.

Keep in mind, CNN is the same network that has gone after anonymous people for making gifs of them with Trump. Which is why it’s very difficult for this editor to have much sympathy for them when it comes to the ‘toll of online harassment’.

What is this ‘honest and relevant journalism’ this person is speaking of?

But it’s not fair to treat journalists that way … because reasons.

Of course not.

Tater doesn’t care about journalists he disagrees with. Duh.



Heh, doesn’t seem to be.


Ok, everyone can RELAX! NBC News figured out what really happened with Kamala Harris laughing at ‘mentally retarded’

THAT’LL show him! Chrissy Teigen’s temper tantrum after Trump called her ‘filthy-mouthed’ only proves him RIGHT

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