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PAGING Brian Stelter! CNN dragged and then DRAGGED some more for hiring Andrew 'Lies and Leaks a Lot' McCabe

Now, THIS is really and truly CNN. Wow.


Some news.

No biggie.

Just ‘some news’.

After our favorite Hall Monitor, Brian Stelter spent the day b*tching and moaning about Fox News hiring Sarah Huckabee Sanders … and they wonder why people hate them.

He was literally fired for LYING and leaking to the media.

Which sadly makes him the perfect fit for CNN.

We can’t even make this crap up anymore.

Disgraced is a great word for Andrew.

And for CNN.

They are their own worst enemy.



It’s like a really bad and sad joke.

McCabe’s only real qualification is hating Trump.




Don’t give them any ideas.




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