You know that face you make when you’re waiting in line at Starbucks and you see the woman at the front break out a ‘paper list’ for her order? Yup, just made that face.

We at Twitchy have covered some crazy stuff (it’s sort of what we do) but this … this is uniquely crazy.

And indicative of just how bats**t the political climate of 2019 really is.

Check out this thread and footage of now-former CEO Patrick Byrne talking about the Deep State.

The look on Fredo’s face says it all.


Fredo did actually do a good job of being skeptical during this interview. Granted, if he was actually this skeptical about some yahoo on the Left making the same sort of crazy claims about Trump and/or the Republicans we’d take him a bit more seriously but still … he did decently.


Alrighty, Patrick.

Well then.

Good ol’ John Ziegler, not bothering to actually read the thread where Saavedra himself casts doubt on Byrne and even calls out the crazy behavior.

Has John endorsed Joe Walsh yet? Asking for a friend.

‘The Farting Cow’ here is right.

Is it possible Byrne is telling the truth? Sure.

Is it possible he’s a lunatic who has been drinking too much tap water and listening to Alex Jones? Sure.

Will we need more coffee to get through this insanity? ABSOLUTELY.

But that’s the beauty (challenge) of covering the news in 2019 and an example of why it’s so important to keep a sense of humor about it all.


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